Burren Winterage School: on the theme of 'Farming and Fire'

October 27, 2023

to  October 27, 2023

Start: 10:00 am 

Finish: 4:00 pm

Gort Town Hall. Eircode: H91 E0C8

Farmers, livestock, grazed habitats and fire

Fire poses one of the greatest threats to habitats in Ireland, yet properly used it can be a useful tool in the maintenance of habitat mosaics and even in the reducing the risk of wildfire itself.  Grazing animals are vital for the maintenance of semi-natural habitats and can reduce fire risk by controlling the fuel load.  Farmers, through their control and targeting of grazing pressure, and their use of controlled burning and other management techniques such as mowing, can be a skilled, cost-effective means of delivering not only food but a whole range of public goods, not least habitats in favourable condition and low fire risk.

When it comes to fire and fire risk management, current policy lacks subtlety.  Centred on regulation and penalties, collaborative working is largely weak or absent.  Farmers and livestock are not treated as potentially valued tools in the fire service's toolbox; farmers themselves are not offered the training and equipment they in turn need in their own toolbox; State support schemes largely ignore the fire issue, whether as a positive habitat management tool or a threat which can be reduced through appropriate action.

The workshop will seek to look at three sets of questions:

  1) How can joined-up government for fire risk management come about in and between Irish public bodies?
- What are the impediments?
- What are the first steps?

  2) How can a coherent mix of appropriate, workable measures be designed and delivered in Ireland?

- What are the impediments?

- What are the first steps?

3) Are graziers destined always to be occasional ‘partners’ to be engaged when it suits in wider fire risk management?

- If not, what needs to change?

- What are the first steps?

Admission: FREE but booking is essential through the link below.

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