The Good Farmer - Rob Burton

October 22, 2020

Start: 8:00 pm 

Finish: 9:30 pm

Rob Burton, one of the authors of 'The Good Farmer: Culture and Identity in Food and Agriculture' will talk about 'Promoting environmental management as part of the “good farmer” identity'. This will be followed by an open Q&A session.

In the early 2000s the notion that agriculture is not only an economic and social activity but also a cultural activity began to gain traction in the scientific community. With it, we began to understand why farmers become so attached to the practice of farming and why, in some cases, they are so reluctant to change or leave. This presentation looks at the notion of the “good farmer” and why it is important to understand what represents a “good farmer” from the farmer’s perspective in order to develop effective policies to promote environmental management.

Dr Rob Burton is an agricultural geographer with 25 years of experience studying farming communities in the UK, New Zealand and Norway. He is credited with introducing the notion of the “good farmer” to the academic community in the early 2000s, with a paper on the symbolic significance of agricultural behaviour and the importance of seeing the world through the eyes of the farmer. This built the case that farming is not only an economically and socially, but also a culturally important behaviour, and that culture has strong implications for land management choices. Subsequent work by researchers in different fields has developed the concept further – with farming culture and identity now considered an important part of understanding land management in Europe and throughout the world.

In collaboration with three other authors he has recently published a book titled “The Good Farmer: Culture and identity in Food and Agriculture.”

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