Paying & Supporting Farmers to deliver Ecosystem Services: Walk and Workshop

October 23, 2021

This event is SOLD OUT

Start: 10:00 am 

Finish: 12:30 am

On a Burren farm close to Kinvara, exact location will be shared closer to time.

Join us for a farm walk with Farming for Nature Ambassador and Burren-based farmer Patsy Carrucan. The farm walk will be followed by a farmer-led knowledge exchange session including two other Farming for Nature Ambassadors, Jane Shackleton and Tommy Earley. This interactive and informal session aims to provide a space for attendees to ask questions and discuss the theme of Paying & Supporting Farmers to deliver Ecosystem Services. 

Numbers are limited and pre-booking is essential.

Admission: €10

Event leaders:

Patsy Carrucan

Patsy farms 200 acres of rough winterage grassland and lowland grassland in Fanore, Co.Clare. On his farm Patsy has adjusted his grazing and feeding regimes to encourage greater biodiversity outcomes on his upland and lowland grasslands, using his management skills and experience to do so. “Outwintering the stock on Winterage grassland keeps the cost of wintering animals at a very low level but also frees up a lot of time for our other work and community involvement. Over 100 acres of the farm is in an archaeological complex which strengthens our bond with past and our caring for what we want to leave behind us.” More information on Patsy’s farm here.

Shackleton Family

The Shackleton family farm 320-acres, producing organic grass-fed beef and lamb. The farm has 5ha of semi-natural habitats including bogs, wetland (Mullagh Lake), woodland, hedgerows, hay meadows and stonewalls, all of which are managed by owners who have qualifications in ecology, landscape design and environmental management. New habitats have been created, such as a 20ha mixed conifer and hardwood woodland which is managed as agroforestry; hedgerows and an ornamental garden which supports a varied bird population. The farm has a traditional orchard, bee hive and is self-sufficient in vegetables. Monitoring of birds and insects for Biodiversity Ireland is ongoing. The family believe “Farming extensively is the future, it is better for the bank, the life balance, the herd and most importantly the wildlife”. More information and a short film on their farm here.  

Tommy Earley

Tommy manages his 100-acre organic Aberdeen Angus suckler farm on the shores of Lough Allen, Co. Roscommon. He has been farming organically on the site since 1996 with a clear focus on nature and habitat conservation. His farm has high natural value with a variety of habitats such as intact raised bog, mature native woodland, species rich acidic grassland, wildflower meadows, lakeshore and river.  Tommy’s active role in local conservation has inspired others to follow his example in promoting nature on their own lands.  “We have lost of a sense of connectiveness under our feet and once we get that reestablished we will be on our way to a healthier planet”   More information and a short film on Tommy’s farm here.

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The Burrenbeo Trust is a landscape charity dedicated to connecting people and place. Our aim is to help all of us identify ways in which we care for our places.

This is carried out through providing information, education, active conservation and supporting research on the future sustainable management of the Burren region.
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