Transhumance, tradition and artisanal cheese tasting with Max Jones

October 28, 2022

Start: 7:00 pm 

Finish: 8:00 pm

St. Patrick’s Hall - Corofin Community Centre

Max Jones is a traditional food conservationist who documents imperiled food practices that are steeped in our connection with the land and seas, to try and prevent them from becoming lost. He has been working with artisan cheeses around Europe for over a decade, and has been specifically drawn to the traditional alpine pastoralists practicing transhumance in northern Italy. He is also involved in supporting Irish fishermen and works closely with Sally Barnes, the last exclusively wild salmon smoker in Ireland.

In this event he will talk about the insights he has gained on traditional value of transhumance in the modern context, connection to land through food, and techniques of the past that hold the key to the future of food. He will offer tasting of artisanal cheeses from the alps as well as a new Irish cheese inspired by the transhumance in Italy.
Max is on instagram @uptherethelast

Numbers are limited and pre-booking is required for this event which is a fundraiser for the Burrenbeo Trust.

Admission: €10 for Burrenbeo members/ €15 for non-members

Book here
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This is carried out through providing information, education, active conservation and supporting research on the future sustainable management of the Burren region.
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