Stories from the Landscape - Cattle Drove (Clare County Council)

In celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Galway Film Centre in partnership with Clare County Council along with support from the Heritage Council of Ireland has produced a documentary series with filmmaker Paul Murphy. This film, which forms part of the ‘Stories from the Landscape | The European Dimension’ series, focuses on the traditions of transhumance; the action or practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lowlands in winter and highlands in summer, though in the Burren the reverse is the case.

The film documents the work of the Burren Beo group based in the unique region of the Burren and the Burren Winterage Festival which celebrates this ancient transhumance tradition that is key to the survival of the region’s famous flora and fauna. The film also documents the transhumance between the Ötztal valley and Senales Valley in South Tyrol, one of the longest-standing and largest movement of sheep in the entire Alpine region.

The Burren (The Perennial Plate)

People and Place: of all beauties it is the most beautiful... For the last 6,000 years farmers on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way​ have sent their cattle up onto the limestone formations of The Burren for Winterage (winter grazing). A unique example of farming and preservation working hand in hand to maintain biodiversity, landscape and way of life.

Livestock moving to the Winterage in the Burren (BurrenBeoTrust)

Filmed by Bordbia at the Burren Winterage Weekend 2015

Burren Winterage Weekend Celebration (RTÉ News)

Co. Clare cattle are on their way to Winterage, 5 months foraging on the limestone hills of the Burren. A revival of the traditional blessing of animals took place in the village of Carron over the celebratory weekend.

Winterage (Gavin Frankel)

Agri Aware 'Follow the farmer' - the Burren, Co. Clare (Agri Aware)

Agri Aware visited the Burren in County Clare to find out about the positive impact of the reformed CAP on biodiversity, tourism and maintenance of the landscape.

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